JIANGSU ZHENGLONG ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is located in the nation's first health city - 204 State Road, Zhangjiagang City, Zhangjiagang export-oriented economy by means of high-speed development, making the company's products can be based in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to the country on the basis of . "Technology is the life, the quality of the product is a continuation of life," the company "for the purpose of leading technology, product quality as the goal," the purpose, and the Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Environmental Protection Research Institute established for each long-term technology support and project partnerships. So that the technical content of products can continue to enrich, continues to increase. In the manufacturing process, the company implemented a quality product tracking parts manufacturing methods, product quality throughout the manufacturing process can be effectively controlled.

The company's main products include ZT series of industrial wastewater treatment equipment; biochemical treatment equipment, environmental protection machinery and equipment; soot handling equipment, including ZT series of industrial wastewater treatment equipment and biochemical treatment equipment, mainly for the automotive industry, machining industry, electroplating industry, paint industry, chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, paper industry, food industry, cooling water industry, municipal sewage treatment plants and other related industries and units. Environmental protection machinery and equipment can be used for supporting the steel industry and related equipment in a large settlement. Soot handling equipment mainly used in steel, rubber, flour, food and other industries.

Over the years the company has always adhere to the "science and technology to improve the quality of products in order to expand cooperation corporate image" as a core element of corporate culture, and continue to increase outreach to make friends from various circles at home and abroad to deepen our understanding, enhance mutual friendship and extensive cooperation.

The company will work with all the friends in the cooperation of mutual benefit and common progress and development, build a customer satisfaction projects for every one of our customers, as "the blue sky, green grass," to make our common dedication. The company has a mature product, complete water quality testing equipment, can be completed according to the actual requirements of customers from process design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, to service turnkey projects.